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MAC Juniors
U11, U13, U17 - Dec 19, 2009 at College Point, NY
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After registering, you are also required to enter your USAB number, team name and any comments by separate link: here!
BRACKETS: U11, U13, U17, U25/Collegiate
Singles, Doubles & Mixed Doubles
Consolations for 1st round loss

3 Events Max. Additional only at Tourney Official's discretion.

Rally scoring - best 2 out of 3 games to 21.

Events may be canceled and fees refunded if insufficient entries are received for a bracket, however brackets may be combined as an alternative. This is the more likely scenario.

Consolations will be played as time and courts allow and matches will be limited to one 21 point game (change at 13).

Regional or Club Teams may designate up to 5 team members to count for points for the team (2 events only). Each game won (in the main draw) counts 1 point for the team, each game won in consolations counts for 1/2 a point, however walkovers do not score points. Games won in "FINALS" rounds score double. Each team must have players represented in 3 out of the 4 tournament brackets, for example, U13, U17 and U25, or U11, U13, U17, or even U11, U17, U25.

It is understood in these team competitions that there is an element of "luck of the draw" and that some brackets have more opportunities for point scoring in some brackets than others. This makes the strategy of team composition as important as the play.

PLEASE confirm your TEAM name and USAB number here!
The registration page is not yet setup to handle this - THANKS!

Being a sanctioned tournament, all players must be USAB members. Please include your usab number or go to to become a member. Registration is 1-fee for tournament: 45. per player.
This includes your event(s)to a max of 3, & shuttles.
ADD $15. for a fourth event entered (by tourney request only).

TIMETABLE (approximate - be prepared to stay all day and eve!)

- This will be updated on Thursday prior to the tourney
Please register a half hour prior to your start time.

9am Saturday Dec 19th

U11, U13 singles start

10:30am Start Doubles & U17 singles
2:30pm All MXD start
Please re-check here prior to event - this is only an approximation!

After you have REGISTERED above, then click purchase below to make your payment and/or additional contribution.

If you prefer, send a check for 45. to Made out to the Arts & Badminton Center Project ( or simply ABC for short) and send C/O Eric Miller PO Box 866 Phoenixville, PA 19460
Contact: Eric Miller


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