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Mid-Atlantic Jrs/Collegiates Dec 10-11 2011

12/10/2011 9:00 am
12/11/2011 3:08 pm

macjuniorsMid-Atlantic Jrs/Collegiates Dec 10-11, 2011 - U11, U13, U15, U17, U19, U25

Counts for national ranking thru U19s

Bryn Mawr College - Schwartz Gym

Pix from Anton: Click Here   Pix from Eric Here

 Team Trophy Results!

1 MA Marblehead Youth Badminton - Team 1 112
2 MD Fusion - Team 2 88
3 PA Drexel University 72
4 NY Super Juniors 70
5 MD Fusion - Team 1 70
6 PA Bryn Mawr Club 56
7 MA Marblehead Youth Badminton - Team 2 53
8 NY CPBC (NYC) 50
9 PA Bryn Mawr College 46
10 NJ IBC NJ 18


Due to overwhelming registration, our USAB ref is eliminating most all 4th event requests.  This means changes in some events entered and even partner changes if your partner had 4 events.  Sorry for the changes. There were also some unexpexted withdrawals.  For that reason the shchedule we were about to post has to be delayed.  Please be prepared for 8:30am on Sat until further notice and expect the tourney to easily go until early afternoon on Sunday!!  Thanks.


Deadline: Nov 30


Tourney Software site: ON-LINE HERE

ON-LINE Consent form - speeds up registration - now here!

FREE T-Shirt for first 50 entries!

BRACKETS: U11, U13, U15, U17, U19,U25/Collegiate
Singles, Doubles & Mixed Doubles

You must be UNDER the bracket age as of Dec 31, 2011 (example, 18 as of Dec 31 for U19)
Consolations for 1st round loss

3 Events Max. Additional only at Tourney Official's discretion.

Rally scoring - best 2 out of 3 games to 21.

Events may be canceled and fees refunded if insufficient entries are received for a bracket, however brackets may be combined as an alternative. This is the more likely scenario.

Consolations will be played AS TIME and COURTS ALLOW and cons matches may be limited to one 21 point game (change at 11).

Main draw will take precedence over consolations.



Being a sanctioned tournament, all players must be USAB members. Please include your usab number or go to http://www.usabadminton.org to become a member.

Registration for tournament: 65. per player.
This includes your event(s)to a max of 3, & shuttles. Please also add the new mandatory USAB $3. ranking fee.
ADD $20. for a fourth event entered (by tourney discretion only)



Regional or Club Teams may designate up to 5 team members to count for points for the team (2 events only each).    Clubs with many players may enter multiple teams, however they must have their own "team name"

Each game (that's "game" not "match") won in the main draw counts 2 points for the team, each game won in consolations counts for 1 point, however walkovers do not score points. Games won in "FINALS" rounds score double. If you lose a match in 3 games, you will score points for the game you won.

Each team must have players represented in 3 out of the 6 tournament brackets, for example, U13, U17 and U25, or U11, U13, U17, or even U11, U17, U25.

It is understood in these team competitions that there is an element of "luck of the draw" and that some brackets have more opportunities for point scoring in some brackets than others. This makes the strategy of team composition as important as the play.

The Team coach is responsible for reporting their designated player's points to our Team Trophy onsite coordinators.

PLEASE confirm your TEAM name the 5 players and USAB number by email to teamtrophy@usbadminton.net









Mid-Atlantic Jrs/Collegiates Events
T-Shirt size (free for first 50 entries)


4th Event

Optional Smashville facility donation

Ranking Fee

 Tourney Director Contact by email: td2011@usbadminton.net

Tourney Hotel:

Dolce Valley Forge Hotel

301 West Dekalb Pike | King of Prussia, PA 19406
Direct : 484-684-1475 |  Fax: 610-337-1959

Special Badminton rate: 89. standard, 103. Jr suite.  mention Mid-Atlantic Junior Badminton! Rate deadline: Nov 26



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