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Mid-Atlantic Jrs May 29, 2011

05/29/2011 9:00 pm

macjuniorsMid-Atlantic Jrs May 29, 2011 - U11, U13, U15, U17, U19, U25

YMCA Phoenixville, PA  (large gym)

Info coming soon!  Volunteers needed!! .. especially to line courts at 6pm on May 28 - FREE PIZZA for helpers!


Click for venue info Phoenixville, PA YMCA


ON-LINE Consent form - speeds up registration!

FREE T-Shirt for first 50 entries!

BRACKETS: U11, U13, U15, U17, U19,U25/Collegiate
Singles, Doubles & Mixed Doubles
Consolations for 1st round loss

3 Events Max. Additional only at Tourney Official's discretion.

Rally scoring - best 2 out of 3 games to 21.

Events may be canceled and fees refunded if insufficient entries are received for a bracket, however brackets may be combined as an alternative. This is the more likely scenario.

Consolations will be played AS TIME and COURTS ALLOW and cons matches will be limited to one 21 point game (change at 11).

Main draw will take precedence over consolations.



Being a sanctioned tournament, all players must be USAB members. Please include your usab number or go to http://www.usabadminton.org to become a member.

Registration for tournament: 55. per player.
This includes your event(s)to a max of 3, & shuttles.

ADD required $10. facility fee (except for PHX YMCA members)
ADD $20. for a fourth event entered (by tourney discretion only)


Anton's great PIX from 2011!

TIMETABLE (approximate - be prepared to stay all day and eve!)

- This will be updated on Thursday prior to the tourney
Please register a half hour prior to your start time if starting later in the day.


    Event    Pos.    Name    Club
    GD U25
    1    Julie Pierides+Aarthi Prakash    College Point/K2 badminton club 21-13, 18-21, 21-13
    2    Garwai Ng+Jacquiline Reyes    Smashville / Albright

    BD U25
    1    Victor Phimphachanh+Michael Kyriacos Pierides    K2 Badminton/cp badminton club 21-9, 18-21. 21-17
    2    Zak Miller+Longfei Yang    Smashville/Badminton4Us

    XD U25
    1    Azevedo Handono+Garwai Ng    K2 BADMINTON LLC/  (21-19, 16-21, 21-19 vs 3 and 21-19, 17-21, 21-15 vs 2)
    2    Avellino Handono+Jacquiline Reyes    K2 BADMINTON
    3    Zak Miller+Aarthi Prakash    Smashville/K2 badminton club

    GS U25
    1    Aarthi Prakash    K2 badminton club (21-15, 16-21, 21-7 vs 2 and 21-11, 10-21, 22-20 vs 3)
    2    Jacquiline Reyes 
    3    Garwai Ng    Smashville

    BS U25
    1    Avellino Handono    K2 BADMINTON LLC   21-15, 21-15
    2    Zak Miller    Smashville
    3    Rob James Dunn    Brynmawr

    BD U19
    1    Azevedo Handono+Zak Miller    K2 BADMINTON LLC/Smashville         13-21, 24-22, 21-18
    2    Avellino Handono+Victor Phimphachanh    K2 BADMINTON LLC/K2 Badminton, LLC.
    3    Jingjing Li+Ethan Wu    boston badminton/Maugus

    BS U19
    1    Avellino Handono    K2 BADMINTON LLC
    2    Zak Miller    Smashville
    3    Ethan Wu    Maugus
    3    Jingjing Li    boston badminton

    BD U17
    1    Azevedo Handono+Victor Phimphachanh    K2 BADMINTON LLC/K2 Badminton, LLC.
    2    Anson Cheung+Victor Wong    non/cp badminton club
    3    Jingjing Li+Ethan Wu    boston badminton/Maugus
    4    Preston Lee+Michael Kyriacos Pierides    Amston Badminton Club Academy/cp badminton club

    XD U17
    1    Victor Phimphachanh+Aarthi Prakash    K2 Badminton, LLC./K2 badminton club
    2    Michael Kyriacos Pierides+Julie Pierides    cp badminton club/College Point

    BS U17
    1    Victor Phimphachanh    K2 Badminton, LLC.
    2    Raymond Chen    CP Badminton
    3    Joanthan Shee    boston badminton
    3    Jingjing Li    boston badminton
    C-1    Ethan Wu    Maugus
    C-2    Anmol Srivastava    none

    GD U15
    1    Joanne Chen+Christine Wan    B4US/Badminton4Us
    2    Sophia Hwang+Jennifer Zhang    Maugus/KBC
    3    Julie Pierides+Anantha Sriya Reddy Vanga    College Point/Badminton4Us

    BD U15
    1    Sam Phimphachanh+Victor Wong    K2 Badminton, LLC./cp badminton club
    2    Azevedo Handono+Martin Kwan    K2 BADMINTON LLC/ECBC
    3    Anson Cheung+Adrian Chung-Hei Lee    non/East Coast Badminton Club

    XD U15
    1    Sam Phimphachanh+Joanne Chen    K2 Badminton, LLC./B4US
    Event    Pos.    Name    Club
    2    Alvin Chung+Amelia Lee    Montgomery County Badminton Family/Amston Badminton Club Academy
    3    Victor Wong+Julie Pierides    cp badminton club/College Point
    3    Joanthan Shee+Sophia Hwang    boston badminton/Maugus

    GS U15
    1    Joanne Chen    B4US
    2    Amelia Lee    Amston Badminton Club Academy
    3    Anantha Sriya Reddy Vanga    Badminton4Us
    3    Christine Wan    Badminton4Us
    C-1    Sophia Hwang    Maugus
    C-2    Anantha Sriya Reddy Vanga    Badminton4Us

    BS U15
    1    Azevedo Handono    K2 BADMINTON LLC
    2    Victor Wong    cp badminton club
    3    Alvin Chung    Montgomery County Badminton Family
    3    Raymond Chen    CP Badminton
    C-1    Joanthan Shee    boston badminton
    C-2    Martin Kwan    ECBC

    BD U13
    1    Adrian Chung-Hei Lee+Longfei Yang    East Coast Badminton Club/Badminton4Us
    2    Thomas Hwang+Timothy Shee    Maugus/boston badminton
    3    Andy Ng+Andre Tan    cp badminton club
    4    George Pierides+Aaron Zhang    College Point/Kimberton

    XD U13
    1    Alvin Chung+Amelia Lee    Montgomery County Badminton Family/Amston Badminton Club Academy
    2    George Pierides+Jennifer Zhang    College Point/KBC

    GS U13
    1    Amelia Lee    Amston Badminton Club Academy
    2    Joy Zhao    no
    3    Jennifer Zhang    KBC
    4    Agatha Handono    CAPITAL STAR

    BS U13
    1    Alvin Chung    Montgomery County Badminton Family
    2    Raymond Chen    CP Badminton
    3    Bobby (Robert) Huang    ECBC
    3    Adrian Chung-Hei Lee    East Coast Badminton Club
    C-1    Timothy Shee    boston badminton
    C-2    Longfei Yang    Badminton4Us

    BD U11
    1    Andy Ng+Andre Tan    cp badminton club
    2    Deassath Kouakou+Aaron Zhang    Girard Badminton Club/Kimberton

    BS U11
    1    Timothy Shee    boston badminton
    2    Andre Tan    cp badminton club
    3    Andy Ng    cp badminton club
    4    Deassath Kouakou    Girard Badminton Club
    5    Aaron Zhang    Kimberton


U17 BD Cons

Winners: JingJing Li / Ethan Wu    

Finalists: Preston Lee / Michael Kyriacos Pierides 



Approximate Schedule for Sunday May 29

8:30am Player Check-in  (note All fees must be paid in advance)

9am  U11, U13, U15  singles start
10:30am U17, U19, U25 singles start


11:30am U11, U13, U15  doubles start

12noon MXD U11, U13, U15 start

2pm MXD U17, U19, U25 MXD start

3pm  U17, U19, U25 doubles start

projected finish 8pm

Please re-check here prior to event - this is only an approximation!

After you have REGISTERED above, then click purchase below to make your payment and/or additional contribution.


Mid-Atlantic Jrs Collegiate  registration
T-Shirt size (free for first 50 entries)

Required Facility fee except for PHX YMCA members

Optional Smashville facility donation

4th Event

If you prefer, send a check to Made out to the Pennsylvania Badminton Assoc ( or simply PBA for short) and send C/O Eric Miller PO Box 866 Phoenixville, PA 19460
Contact: Eric Miller


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