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New System starts at Mainline Club!

Mainline Club format changes + Smashville update
Dear MainLine Club Players,

Due to increased costs of gym time and shuttles, beginning in April
2012 we will be dropping the cost per night to $7. player and you will
need to


We will periodically have some birds on hand for sale at a rate of 2 for $3.. You can also
purchase birds from some of our players who carry birds.. Charles and
Mingli to name a few.

Again, we have moved to a PAY FIRST system! Please sign in and pay up
BEFORE playing.

Thanks for helping with setup and teardown at the end of the night!

Smashville update:

Eric met with the Remax realtor and Tom from Carnevale Eustis
Architects, Inc. of Phoenixville at the Bowladrome site on Tuesday
morning. Bottom line is that it needs to get bumped up to the
structural engineer.

Tom noted in his opinion several cross braces that were obviously
non-structural, others that may be somewhat stabilizing and could
possibly be relocated, and then the X braces - actually most of which
could stay given our 44 ft requirement however a couple that may
require modification. He emphasized that any building plans from the
owners would be most helpful for the structural engineer to make his
calculations and report. At this point we're waiting to see if the
owners can produce some building plans to send over.

Anyone that would like to come out and join the next visit, please let
me know! George and I are also working on some other leads from

Eric and the Smashville Team!


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